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An ICON REALTORĀ® lives and breathes market trends. Carefully interpreting data all, day every day! With so much information, buying a property is easy…Let us guide you!


Advertising on typical real estate sites doesnā€™t cut it anymore. The trifecta of a high selling price, a fast turnover time, and a smooth transaction requires a game changer…Enter HouseSigma

Stephen Kelk | Caledon REALTORĀ®

“Stephen is a powerhouse of housing knowledge. He is highly motivated, determined and hands on with each buyer or seller from start to finish.”

I realized that something very important was lacking from the real estate industry…Housing knowledge, a deep understanding of the building science of houses, as well as the potential costs associated. In order to be the absolute best salesperson possible you really need to know your product…Especially when that product is likely the most expensive purchase of one’s life.

Truly knowing the product that I sell allows me to act in your best interest and offer excellent protection, I am…a REALTORĀ® with a unique advantage.  As a lifelong entrepreneur I have always strived for knowledge.  For years I have been tirelessly studying the art of negotiation, working with elite top real estate coaches, guided by one of the most respected exclusive real estate mentors. I made it my mission to offer a superior real estate service that was unlike any other, all this…just so I could get the opportunity to work with someone just like YOU!

Ryan Google Verified | 1 year ago

I recently had the pleasure of working with Steve on a real estate transaction, and I cannot express enough how pleased I am with the entire process. From start to finish, Steve demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that truly set him apart in the real estate industry.

Shawn Google Verified | a month ago

Steve is the real estate pro you want on your side. With sharp market insights, quick communication, and stellar negotiation skills, he made my experience a breeze. Professional and personable, Steve gets my wholehearted recommendation.

Becky Google Verified | 6 months ago

Steve is a real estate gem! His market savvy, quick communication, and expert negotiation skills made my transaction smooth. Professional and friendly, I highly recommend Steve for your real estate needs.

Ally Google Verified | 3 months ago

Steve is a standout in real estate. His market knowledge, prompt communication, and negotiation finesse made my experience stress-free. Professional and friendly, I highly recommend Steve for your real estate needs.

Aron Google Verified | 1 year ago

Protection, protection, protection, Stephen was always making sure we were covered when we purchased our rural property, he sure knows his stuff!

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Our Housing knowledge is crazy, and so is our expertise…Feel the thrill of being the sidekick to a superhero!


Step into a world of stunning homes as ICON unveils the allure of beautiful houses that redefine luxury living. Explore captivating interiors and perfection in every detail. Experience your dream home and make it your own.

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Close to Orangeville.

What’s the story with Real Estate around Orangeville? Read our Guide Below.

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Home Inspections.

How MY experience can benefit you in your next home purchase or sale.

Embarking on a journey that originated with the simple renovation of my own home, fate unveiled a captivating transformation. What began as a personal project burgeoned into a thriving renovation enterprise, where I meticulously transformed kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and even orchestrated small-scale additions. The profound satisfaction of completing each project fueled a passion that led me to a new chapter: buying and selling houses with my wife. Living in each property for years, we undertook comprehensive renovations, honing my expertise.

Recognizing a unique gap in the market, I founded and managed a home inspection company for a decade. Armed with hands-on construction experience, I identified defects swiftly, often within the first 10 minutes of inspecting a home. From roof conditions to plumbing intricacies, my insights were the product of years immersed in the industry.

Having engaged with thousands of buyers and sellers as well as hundreds of real estate agents, I discerned a distinctive opportunity to leverage my experience in a different capacity. Hence, my transition to becoming a REALTORĀ® marked the logical progression of my career. Having been part of countless transactions and negotiations, I bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge to the real estate realm.

So, why does this matter to you? Picture this: when you step into a home and curiosity strikes, I have the answers. I possess an intimate understanding of every facet of a house, sparing you the need to consult various specialists. From distinguishing between flooring types to electrical and plumbing types, my expertise is your assurance.

While I advocate for a comprehensive home inspection, my role extends beyond that. I offer a second set of discerning eyes, interpreting inspection reports and providing invaluable insights. A seasoned salesperson, I embody the essence of knowing a product inside out, gained through hands-on experience.

Let’s delve into negotiationsā€”a delicate art, not a mere exchange of numbers. A lazy tactic won’t cut it. To negotiate effectively, one must comprehend the intricacies of both sides. Armed with unparalleled knowledge of houses, I bring a strategic edge to the negotiation table. My approach is grounded in hard facts, coupled with a few ‘secret strategies’ refined over years of practice.

For home buyers and sellers alike, my knowledge of houses is a powerful asset. When selling, I showcase a property’s value points with precision, ensuring that every highlight receives its due attention. I invite you to connect, allowing me the opportunity to share more about my experiences and demonstrate why choosing me for your buying or selling journey is a decision of unmatched wisdom.

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Questions in Real Estate.

Information on buying, selling, and market trends in your area.

Want to know how to approach buying a new home in Orangeville or the surrounding area? We would be happy to consult with you and and go over our guide to buying a new home full of home buying tips. Ā As experienced REALTORSĀ® part of our job is to guide and offer advice.Ā Read our blog on this subject >

These days you have the ability to view houses for sale right there on your phone, although the listings you see may only have some of the available information. Ā As REALTORSĀ® we are able to access much more of that information as well as various documents to help paint much more of that homes picture then youĀ are able to find when searching various online real estate listings. This makes partnering with an agent a great idea.

At HouseSigma, we provide a cutting-edge real estate app designed to empower our buyers. We firmly believe in combining the latest technology with the personalized, one-on-one service of a dedicated real estate agent. With millions of users…no exaggeration, HouseSigma is the go-to platform for buyers seeking information to make informed decisions. Let’s ensure your listing gets the exposure it deserves in front of this vast audience.

Housing market trends refer to a pattern or direction of change in the buying and selling of homes over time. These Orangeville real estate Ā trends are influenced by a variety of factors, including economic conditions, demographic shifts, government policies, and technological advancements. Housing market trends can have a significant impact on the real estate market and can affect the decisions of home buyers, sellers, and investors. A knowledgable Orangeville REALTORĀ® understands these trends and can help you make informed decisions about buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

If youā€™re looking for open houses in Orangeville, a REALTORĀ®Ā in Orangeville who specializes in buying and selling Orangeville real estate can help you find properties that match your preferences and budget. They have in-depth knowledge of the local Orangeville real estate market and can provide valuable insights and advice. Ā When working with an Orangeville REALTORĀ®, you can have access to a wide range of properties and open houses, and receive support throughout the home-buying process.

Mortgage rates are interest rates charged on a mortgage loan that impact monthly payments and overall borrowing cost. Factors such as economics, inflation, and central bank actions can influence these rates, which vary based on the lender, mortgage type, and borrowerā€™s credit score. Itā€™s important for home buyers to consider mortgage rates in the home-buying process, as a small difference in rate can result in large differences in cost. An Orangeville real estate agent will be able to work with you and direct you towards trusted lenders and mortgage brokers.

Homes for sale in Orangeville are properties available for purchase. Buyers can find homes through various channels and consider factors such as location, size, style, and price to find a suitable property. The process of buying a home typically involves finding a property, negotiating price, getting a mortgage, and closing the sale, often with the help of local Orangeville REALTORĀ®. Homes for sale can range from small to luxurious and can be found in various locations. The process of buying a home can be complex and itā€™s important to understand the steps and potentially work with a local professional.

The Orangeville home buying process involves several steps to purchase a property, and is generally recommended to be assisted by a REALTORĀ®. REALTORSĀ® help find a suitable home, negotiate the purchase price and conditions, and guide you through obtaining financing and closing the sale. A REALTORĀ® has in-depth knowledge of the local Orangeville real estate market and can provide valuable insights and advice to help ensure a smooth and successful transaction.Ā Read our blog on this subject >

When choosing the best Orangeville REALTORĀ® it is important to Ā find a REALTORĀ® nearby, actually that can be your search term ā€œREALTORĀ® near meā€. Ā Ideally you work with someone who is local to the area you are looking to buy, they will have a in-depth knowledge of the local market and the ability to use that knowledge to your advantage when negotiating on a house purchase.

How do you find the best local real estate agent, well we would suggest to ā€˜ask aroundā€™, talk to your fiends and family, read online reviews and testimonials and choose a team that is; year after year…Top producing. Ā ICON at HouseSigma is always a great choice!

Real estate teams offer something that single agents may not, that is the backing of many expert professionals that are standing with them and in turn, standing with you.. Ā Consider that when you hire a real estate team, the commission structure is the same, although the team is putting much more of that earned commission back into itself in order to advance the experience and the services that you receive.Ā Meet ICON, a HouseSigma Team >

In Orangeville, downsizing a home can be a difficult and frequently disorganised process. Itā€™s critical to tackle this transition with the same degree of order and accuracy that one might employ in a challenging scientific experiment. Start by methodically assessing your belongings to determine what is genuinely necessary and what can be done without. Make a plan and follow it, making use of all the tools at your disposal to speed things along. Remember that simplifying your life and making way for new experiences are as important when reducing the size of your home.Ā Read our blog on this subject >

The process of estimating the value of a piece of property is analogous to that of conducting research in that it requires considering and balancing a diverse range of facts and conditions. When attempting to determine the worth of a house, it is important to take into account all of the following factors: location, size and style, age and maintenance needs, market tendencies and similar properties. A local experienced Orangeville REALTORĀ® will be happy to generate a CMAĀ (Comparative Market Analysis)Ā for you, this will give you an idea of what your house would sell for in the current real estate market.Ā Read our blog on this subject >

The duration it takes to sell a home in Orangeville can fluctuate based on several factors, including the local real estate market, property specifics, and economic conditions. In a vibrant market, homes in Orangeville may sell relatively swiftly, often within a few weeks. Conversely, in a slower market or for distinctive properties, the selling process may extend to several months. Factors such as accurate pricing, effective marketing, and the overall condition of the property significantly impact the speed of a home sale in Orangeville. Collaborating with a knowledgeable real estate agent familiar with the local market dynamics can prove invaluable, helping you navigate these variables and optimize your listing to potentially expedite the selling process based on the specific conditions in Orangeville.

Our team of buyer REALTORSĀ®, stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and changes. With a wealth of information at our fingertips, making the right decision when purchasing a home can be a breeze. Allow us to guide you through the process.Ā More info here >

In this modern era of real estate, merely listing your property on usual suspects websites will not suffice. To attain the trifecta of a top selling price, a rapid turnover time, and an seamless transaction, itā€™s imperative to have an in-depth knowledge of the marketā€¦.Enter HouseSigma Orangeville. Ā More info here >

Driven by a deep passion for the real estate industry. Understand that the sale or purchase of a home is much more than just a transaction. Ā We are honoured to be a part of such a meaningful process in our clientsā€™ lives and are driven by the thrill of the challenge and the opportunity to continuously improve our skills and knowledge.Ā Ā More info here >

In order to choose the best Orangeville real estate agent and find real estate agents near me it is important to align with a local, experienced, top producing team of experts backed by stunning reviews and a track record that sets them apart from the competition.

Firstly, off-market listings typically have a more limited exposure, potentially reducing your options. As these properties aren’t publicly advertised, you may miss out on discovering homes that better suit your preferences. Additionally, the lack of market visibility can make it challenging to determine whether the property is priced fairly. Lastly, the less competitive nature of off-market transactions may not be advantageous for buyers seeking multiple options and competitive pricing.

House deals in Orangeville refer to special promotions, discounts, or unique terms related to buying or renting properties. To find these deals online, check with your local Orangeville HouseSigma real estate agent or on the HouseSigma app/websites for the latest and most up-to-date information.

Choosing For Sale By Owner (FSBO) may limit property exposure, marketing effectiveness, and pricing accuracy without access to market data. Negotiation challenges, legal risks, and the absence of a real estate agent’s network can disadvantage FSBO sellers. Additionally, the significant time and effort required, emotional involvement, and the lack of professional tools may contribute to a potentially slower sale. How ICON can help >

The guide contains information that prospective clients and self-represented parties should be aware of before entering an agreement with a brokerage or receiving any services or assistance from a real estate agent.

Information within the guide includes;
  • Working with a real estate agent
  • Knowing the risks of representing yourself
  • Signing a contract with a real estate brokerage
  • Understanding multiple representation
  • How to make a complaint

Click here to get the guide >

TRESA (Trust in Real Estate Services Act) is replacing the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA) and Phase 2 of the new regulations are effective as of December 1, 2023. Find information on how REALTORSĀ® and brokerages will incorporate these changes. Click here to find out more >

Discover the expertise of our seasoned HouseSigma real estate agents in Orangeville, where local knowledge meets proven results. With a track record of successful transactions and a deep understanding of the Orangeville market, our team offers tailored guidance for both buyers and sellers. Our skilled negotiators ensure optimal deals, while comprehensive marketing strategies showcase properties effectively. Embracing a client-centric approach, we prioritize open communication and transparency, empowering you to make well-informed decisions. Navigating market changes seamlessly, we are dedicated to turning your real estate goals into a reality. Choose confidence, choose experienceā€”choose us for your Orangeville real estate journey.

When it comes to finding top-rated real estate agents near you in Orangeville, look no further. Our team of exceptional professionals stands out for their unparalleled service and expertise in the local Orangeville real estate market. With a reputation built on success and client satisfaction, our top-rated agents are committed to delivering tailored guidance, skilled negotiations, and comprehensive marketing strategies specific to the Orangeville area. We prioritize open communication and transparency, ensuring you’re empowered to make well-informed decisions in the unique context of Orangeville’s real estate market. Whether you’re buying or selling, our top-rated real estate agents are dedicated to providing the expertise you need for a successful and seamless real estate experience in Orangeville. Choose excellence, choose confidenceā€”choose HouseSigma for your Orangeville real estate journey.

HouseSigma’s app revolutionizes your house-hunting experience, offering a comprehensive database, in-depth property insights, and advanced search filters. With real-time market updates and interactive maps, you can explore neighborhoods seamlessly. The user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation, while personalized alerts keep you informed about new listings and price changes. Connect directly with experienced real estate professionals through the app, gaining valuable guidance and insights. HouseSigma combines convenience with detailed information, making your online house search efficient and enjoyable. Download the app now for a streamlined and informed approach to finding your dream home.

Navigating the complexities of real estate during a divorce in Orangeville can be challenging, and that’s where a divorce real estate agent specializing in the area comes in. These specialized professionals understand the unique needs and sensitivities involved in selling a property during a divorce. With expertise in mediation, communication, and market dynamics specific to Orangeville, a divorce real estate agent acts as a neutral party, ensuring a fair and smooth process for both parties involved. They help in setting realistic expectations, coordinating property appraisals, and facilitating negotiations to achieve the best possible outcome in Orangeville’s real estate market. From staging the home for optimal market appeal to managing the paperwork, a divorce real estate agent provides invaluable support, easing the burden during a challenging life transition in Orangeville.

Real estate agent fees can vary based on factors such as location, the complexity of the transaction, and the agent’s experience. Typically, full service, full time Orangeville agents charge a commission based on the final sale price of the property, ranging from 4% – 5% on average. This commission is then split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. It’s important to discuss and clarify the specific terms of the fee structure with your chosen real estate agent before entering into any agreements. Additionally, some agents may offer different pricing models or services, so it’s essential to have a transparent conversation about fees to ensure a clear understanding of the costs involved in your real estate transaction. Ā Like most things in live you end up getting what you pay for and a cheaper service doesn’t mean equal results. Make sure to do your research and ensure you are getting what you are expecting.




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